Village of Kingston Nova Scotia


The 5 Commissioners that govern your village are elected at-large each May. Each serves a three year term, electing a Chair from among themselves after the annual meeting. The Chair serves a one year term, unless he/she is again chosen to serve another term.

Commissioners oversee general operations of the village which include wastewater, public works, recreation and tourism. 

Commissioners meet at 7pm the first Wednesday of each month to discuss Village activities and issues. Meetings are held at the Village Office and are open to the public, although prior notice is requested to speak at a meeting.

20xx Election Dates - TBA

The nomination form (Form A) is attached to our Village of Kingston Election By-Law.  It is located here.

May xx, 20xx - Nomination Period Commences
xx, 20xx - Nomination Period Ends

If three or more candidates are nominated on Nomination Day, an election will take place on the below dates.

xx, 20xx - Advanced Poll        11am to 7pm
June xx, 20xx - Election Day             9am to 7pm

The advanced poll and election will take place at the Village office at 671 Main Street, Kingston.


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